Feetz Eco Friendly Made Shoes

made different

Shoes that don't leave a footprint

Well, carbon footprint that is...

Sustainability is key in what we do. Our heart is in producing products that leave little behind. Our products require zero water, are made using recycled and recyclable materials, reducing our carbon footprint by 60%.

Feetz Eco Friendly Made No Waste


Did you know that most shoes require up to 2,000 gallons of water PER PAIR to make?

Feetz Eco Friendly Made No Landfill Waste


They are rarely made from recycled materials and can end up in a landfill for nearly 1,000 years.

Feetz Eco Friendly Made No Pollution

Carbon Dioxide

Not to mention the 30 pounds of carbon dioxide it takes to make each pair.

Now multiply that by the 20 BILLION+ (with a B) shoes made every year and you see the issue. The Earth can’t sustain this.

Feetz Are Made Different

  • Made from recycled and recyclable materials
  • No water used during manufacturing
  • Up to 60% reduced carbon footprint
Feetz Eco Friendly Made Go Green Bike
Feetz Eco Friendly Made HQ

Feetz HQ

Redefining Manufacturing

Team Feetz

Feetz is all about innovation and creating opportunities for all. Run by Lucy Beard, Feetz reps diversity like a boss.

Local and Proud

Feetz is homegrown. Our shoes are made in the U.S. and crafted here locally in San Diego, CA.

Made different
to make a difference