Awesome 3D Printing Feetz Techonology Custom Size Sustainably Shoes Awesome 3D Printing Feetz Techonology Custom Size Sustainably Shoes


3D Printed Shoes
A Better Shoe Through Technology

3D Printing Technology

At Feetz, we’re more than just shoe makers, we’re change makers. We’re changing everything. How shoes are made. How shoes fit and feel, and how feet are measured. More importantly, our process is changing the way the shoe industry affects the environment, through technology.

Feetz Are Made Different
Through Cutting Edge Technology

Feetz Shoes Carbon Footprint Free

We have developed our own version of FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) custom machine

Feetz Antimicrobial Lining

We do our own slicing. Specifically geared towards shoes.

Feetz 3D Printed Shoes

Post processing
No support material & no post processing. No supports means no waste

Feetz Memory Foam

No tooling
No tooling cost in our manufacturing process

Feetz Antimicrobial Lining

Infinite designs
We can do designs not possible with other manufacturing techniques

Feetz Walk em 500 miles

Small runs or large runs
Great for new designers & guest designers

Feetz Shoes Made In USA

H2NO = Zero Water
No water in the process – Current technologies use about 2,000 gallons per pair of shoes

Feetz Zero Water Waste

No waste
We only use what we need and when we are done with it; we can use the materials over and over again

3D Printing Technology

Flexknit™ Polymer

Our own unique patented polymer – The ONLY polymer that can print in today's shoe materials.

Our material is 3-4x more flexible than anything on the market... It has the flexibility to stretch 700-800% without breaking and return to its original shape. Far more elasticity than anything else on the market!